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I still love this animation after all this time! It makes me smile so much XD Your humor and voice is just so good.

Brings back so many awesome childhood memories! Love this animation.

hahaha... wow I can't believe this exists. I'm more impressed than grossed out.

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That was a lot of fun! Great level designs. The last level was the easiest. But I enjoyed the challenging levels throughout.

I liked it. Simple and short. I would have liked a button to skip the dialogue parts bit by bit. Also it would have been nice to have the WASD keys move the character as well. Most games do that.

gadersxy responds:

Thank you for the review
I will try to do all that
And add more cutscenes with skip buttons but I can’t at the moment my laptop I use has a broken screen and I don’t think it will work :( so please be paicent with updates

It's a good idea, but you should implement some sort of visual button for the help menu to click on outside of the game. I got stuck and didn't know what button to press to restart the level after dying multiple times. It was very frustrating and I was going to give the game a failing grade, by the time I found the escape button to learn how to restart the level I kinda was over the game.

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Great song, just waaay to repetitive.

15thDimension responds:

hey, thanks for the review!

Awesome song! I played it so long my friend came over and started complaining. But that didn't stop me from listening to this song multiple times after that! I still can't get enough of it.

Do you mind if I use this song on a youtube video of mine and put some google ads on the video? I can post a link back to this webpage and credit you in the video description.

I loved listening to this. Great tune and so upbeat!@!!

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I like the drawing! But the dialogue is a little confusing for me. I can't quite pin why Bowsette would say this with that type of expression?

buttuniverse responds:

well its one of those, it well be one of those post in the future like that meme.
everyone well want to talk about bowsette and forget all about bowser.
so she mentioning that no one even bothers to talk about bowser anymore.

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